About Our Company

Bitcode, LLC was founded by Sam Bakri in 2013. With an M.S. degree in Systems Engineering, electrical systems, earned in 1984 from Wright State University, Mr. Bakri has an extensive background in systems analysis, systems design and logistics in addition to 30+ years of experience in project management and programming. Mr. Bakri has designed and programmed real-time multi-tasking data acquisition and control systems, automated machinery, developed applications for data analysis and statistical modeling using Windows and other operating systems for small, medium, and large corporations. Mr. Bakri has also designed several microprocessor-based devices for scientific applications.

Partner companies

Mr. Bakri co-founded MatchMD, Inc. (matchmd.com) in 2000.
Mr. Bakri also co-founded EMR Solutions, Inc. (emrsolutionsinc.com) in 2012.