Android OS

Bitcode developed several Android applications using JAVA.

RefCycle an easy to use thermodynamic refrigerant properties calculations tool that offers thermodynamic properties for many of the popular refrigerants in the form of system cycle analysis in Metric or English units. Properties calculated are, temperatures, pressures, volumes, densities, enthalpies, entropies.

Shout Shout provides the option to reach other users of Shout within a mile of your location. You can shout up to 180 characters that might be filtered for obscenity. All users can listen to your shouts. There is no login requirement and all shouts are for the public to hear with no privacy. Shout requires your location and your device ID for it work. It is not tied to any carrier. This is the first version and we have the right to change the features, distance and remove words that can be hurtful to others. By using this application you acknowledge the pubic content you provide by clicking on shout it button. Shouts disappear after one hour.

QRCTrack Get GPS information and compare to encrypted qrcode image data to verify product location validity.

FindMyCell is One of our earlier applications. It is a home screen widget. When activated by click (icon turns green), switches ring setting to normal when called 3 times in a row from same number. Allows you to find lost cell phone if in vibrate or silent mode.